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7 Tips to Help You Prepare For Bariatric Surgery

Date: July 15, 2013


Prepare for your upcoming surgeryLosing weight is a large part of living a long and healthy life. Bariactric surgery can help those who are chronically overweight drop the pounds and keep the weight off. To ensure that your surgery goes smoothly, you need to properly prepare before the surgery takes place. Listed below are seven steps you should keep in mind before your weight loss surgery.

1) Consult with Your Doctor

You should have a long talk with your doctor before your operation to determine the right procedure for you. Your doctor will also advise you about the costs, recovery time and side effects related to your surgery.

2) Stop Taking Medications Advised By Your Doctor

It is common for your doctor to advise you not to take any medication that would thin your blood or lower your blood pressure below a safe level for surgery. It is imperative that you follow your doctor's orders to the letter.

3) Cease Eating or Drinking Before Surgery

Surgeries always go better when you have an empty stomach. It makes it easier for the surgeon to make incisions and take other actions without the risk of food falling into an open wound.

4) Learn What Medications You Need To Take

You will most likely be on a variety of pain medications after the surgery. Know which ones that you can take whole and which ones need to be crushed into a powder. Get your doctor's number to ensure that you can ask questions about your medications after your operation.

5) Find Out How Long You Will Be On A Limited Diet

Bariatric surgery involves making your stomach physically smaller. There is a good chance that you will be limited to soft foods until your body gets used to the physical change to your body.

6) Get Your Personal Affairs in Order

Although the risk is small; there is a chance that you may need a bit more recovery time than expected. Elect a family member or close friends to be close by or if you require any assistance. Ensure that your work is complete before taking a leave of absence from work or school.

7) Appoint A Trusted Friend or Family Member to Accompany You

You will need a ride to and from the hospital. It is best to appoint someone who you know can stay with and look after you after the procedure has been completed.

Surgery is nothing to take lightly. You need to be prepared for a lengthy recovery that will involve multiple people taking care of your needs. If you take preparation efforts seriously, you can look forward to a successful procedure and a healthier lifestyle going forward.